Grundarfjörður – West Iceland

From Golden Circle we are off to the West Coast, destination Grundarfjörður. The weather was surprisingly amazing, we could see far ahead on the way and stopped by a national park which was quite nice easy hike along the coast.

We arrived at Grundarfjörður couple of hours before sunset, it was still a jacketless day, a little windy when we climbed up the small hill. Yes! the famous view with the hill and waterfall in one frame, you need to go up the opposite hill where the waterfall is to capture this. If you are into a little adventure and want to get your hear rate up, it is possible to climb this steep hill. There is a rope that will help you go up there and enjoy the sunset.

Grundarfjörður hill and waterfall
Grundarfjörður hill and waterfall

Something we noticed, there were couples taking pre wedding picture with waterfall on the background, they came from all around the world too! There was this bride with full on wedding dress wearing her hiking boots.

We checked in to a cozy spacious apartment and decided to take out our fishing rod for the first time, excited we just needed to find a spot not to shallow to fish. After moving around, we settled on the port just at the end of the town. I have to admit, shitty place to fish unless you are aiming for seaweed. Great place to chill out, drink rum, and have good laughs. We had plenty to drink and loads of fun. And no we didn’t buy the rum there, brought it all the way from Schiphol airport. It was my brightest idea of the year!


After a good amount of rum and our belly hurt because of good laughs, we gave up fishing and decided to chase the sunset. There is something about this climate and volcanic particles that make Iceland quite special to watch sunset. I have had a similar experience in Sicily, the sunsets were just stunning. Every minute the sun moved, created a different light and atmosphere to the landscape. The hills changed colors. It’s just like a coloring book, the same landscape colored differently. One during a bright sunny day and bright blue, and the other with silky gold during sunset.



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