12 Days in Iceland – Intro

The distance of Amsterdam – Iceland is approx. 2000 km. We drove 2000 km along the coast of Iceland.  In these 12 days we experienced different weather changes from sun to rain, snow to wind. It seems the locals are quite used to it though, they stayed calm and do most business as usual.

The trip started with a promising day at Reykjavik, we were all well equipped with thick winter jackets and layers. The night we arrived it was cold, but the next day was 15-18 degrees celcius for the next 5 days. As some people say hope is a very dangerous thing, we were not ready for what came next.

12 Days in Iceland road trip
12 Days in Iceland road trip

A day in Reykjavik

It would be an overstatement to call this place a big city with 120K inhabitants, however it is the biggest city in Iceland. To walk around the main streets it won’t take you longer than an hour. This charming small town I would call it, definitely has the ambience of a Scandinavian city. However strangely the line up of houses remind me of the style in San Francisco.

Just like other Scandinavian countries, Iceland has mainly Lutheran churches. One thing I like about the style that fits best to the culture is the modesty and simplicity of it. Their churches might be modest but there is nothing modest about their price for food and beverages in this city. It will cost you 15 Euro for a beer in a casual bar, it is quite a big pint but still. A nice but not extravagant meal will cost you easily between 30-50 Euro.

Hallgrimskirkja (Reyjkjavik Cathedral)
Hallgrimskirkja (Reyjkjavik Cathedral)

After an afternoon stroll around the city and stuff ourselves with salmon bread and hot dog, we were off to the only local whisky distillery which at the moment offers more varieties of Gins. Eimverk distillery was found in 2009 hence they are still waiting for their first whisky to mature, their first batch should be ready this Fall 2017, exciting! If you would like to know more about their whisky – Floki find the full review on https://whiskystories.com/.

Meanwhile they are not wasting time, Eimverk has distilled varieties of Gin which is called Vor. It is handcrafted and distilled with Icelandic barley and local herbs, such a beautiful familiar fragrance of nordic herbs. You won’t find all the line-up of Gin on their site, but it’s worth mentioning they also have two more Vor with a twist. The first one is a Gin with short maturation in oak cask, and second one is made with an additional unique ingredients, blueberry. Personally I don’t usually drink Gin by itself, but these two I would. I was curious how these 2 Gin would taste with tonic, the CEO gave an advice. A fair amount of Vor matured in oak cask with tonic, with a hint of blueberry VOR as icing on the cake. AMAZING! I was sold.


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