Brouwerij Troost

Location: Pazzanistraat 25-27, Amsterdam West (Westerpark)

This place is on the top list of my favourite hang out places in West. Located right at Westerpark, inside an old factory building Brouwerij Troost serves and brewed their own Beers and Gin. Having said this as one of my faves, I actually don’t drink beers. I do enjoy Gin and they serve their own distilled, mixed with Fever Tree tonic and grapefruit. So if you drink beer this is definitely a place for you, but you can enjoy it as much even if you don’t.

I appreciate this about Troost, a brewery/bar that pays attention not just to drinks but also the food selection. You will find hearty snacks such as Nachos (it’s a full one with melted cheese, avocado, and cream) and varieties of Flammkuchen. If you are hungry enough they also serve pub dinner; Burgers, Ribs, Tacos, and Chicken thighs. I would go for the Ribs, with delicious homemade bbq and garlic sauce. Their fries is also worth a try.

Troost also provides tour to the brewery, and from time to time a Jazzy live music will play on their top balcony or outside on the terrace when the good weather comes.

Check here for their full menu

Troost Ribs
Troost Ribs




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