Bodega La Ardosa

Location: Calle de Colón, 13 Madrid.

Looking vintage and old school from the outside, the atmosphere inside matches the first impression. It’s a laid back drinks/tapas bar. When in Madrid, eat Bollo de Calamares. So that’s what I did couple of times. One thing I noticed in every place I have tasted, the Calamaris are tender unlike the ones I have eaten before. So I asked my Spanish colleague if they treated it with a certain ingredients. He seems to think it is naturally tender.

Let’s talk about this one, the looks is definitely inviting. Dark bread with creamy mayonnaise. The variation of Bollo de Calamares is definitely on bread and sauce, as we know it the squid itself is always tender. La Ardosa has is winning on bread and sauce, plus the Calamares is tasty with the right flavour of salt, pepper, and hint of vinegar.

When you are there, also order the Patatas Brava.


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