Thrill Grill – burgers Oud West

Location: 1e Constantijn Huygensstraat 35-37.

There is a trend on burger restaurants around Amsterdam, on the street where Thrill Grill is there is another burger place which has similar vibe and decoration, I have to yet try it out. Stay tune to find out which is better.

I quite like the vibe, it has natural touch with rough wood and warm vintage lights. Not fancy but cozy and cool. Service is also quite remarkable for the Netherlands, attentive but sincere.

Let’s get down to the burger, I took the Peruvian Beef Thriller. It has avocado, spicy sauce, coriander, and wasabi mayo. A fresh choice next to my friends who took the Blue Cheese burger. It was a brave one too, and luckily the right choice. The mixture of greasy meat and fresh coriander and spicy sauce is amazing, topped with thinly sliced red onion.

Thrill Grill Burger and Truffle Parmesan fries
Thrill Grill Burger and Truffle Parmesan fries

We also took two fries, the Umami and Truffle Parmesan. Mainly cos we got too excited when we saw the descriptions and couldn’t choose. When in doubt, take both. However if you have to choose, I would go for the Truffle Parmesan. Quite ironic that the Truffle Parmesan in my opinion has more umami than the one with Umami on the title. Don’t judge the food by its title.

Drinks, nice assortment of cocktails and mocktails. The homemade ice tea is basically a virgin version of the Kentucky bourbon ice tea. If you do take the cocktail, you wouldn’t be disappointed with the amount of alcohol poured.


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