Aries – Indonesian Noodles

Location: Koningin Wilhelminaplein 58, Amsterdam South

I have heard about Aries noodles from the grape vines for quite some time. Love the idea of a place specialized in noodles, I mean Indonesian noodles. The location is around office area in South of Amsterdam, quite a humble clean space. Everything about this place looks honest and straight forward.

Let’s get down to business, I mean noodles. You will find varieties of toppings with home made noodles. If you are like me who can’t decide, take one with everything. This would include chicken, pork, and mushroom. On the side you will be served with won ton and bakso (meatballs) soup. Some people like pouring the soup into the noodle, this is optional.

Back to the noodle, Aries made his own noodle from scratch. He also brought the yeast from Indonesia, not sure how. The texture of this noodle is so perfectly chewy and the surface is oily, hmmm yummm! The toppings taste great separately and together, for me of course pork char siu is the hero of all toppings, probably the one which makes the noodles so oily, just a guess.

It is true the location is quite deep in the South, but it’s worth the visit. I believe this is the most authentic Indonesian noodle in Amsterdam


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  1. cewinta says:

    Yes we agree, his noodles from scratch are delicious! 😀

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