Astanga yoga pre teacher training – week 3

Week 3 focused on Drishti. It literally means ” to see” in sanskrit. It’s really easy to overlook this part of the practice, mainly because there are so many things to focus on as a beginner. How crucial is Drishti? When we just start practicing the focus is on the physical or external part of the practice, for me once I start focusing on Drishti, this is the point where I start the internal journey.

I have only known Astanga for couple of months before starting this training, not even with regular practice. Looking from beginner’s eye, first thought when I see regular practitioners is wow great external alignment, this style focuses a lot on physical exercise almost like athletes. With that in mind I entered this pre teacher training, and realized I know nothing and how wrong I was. I felt intrigue.

Astanga practice focuses on internal alignment which results into external alignment when you do it right. This means alignment with your breathing. Drishti takes a big part on this as well, when you stop looking around and put your focus on one point it switches the practice to be an internal journey. Yes a journey, if you are looking for a goal of this whole practice, here it is to enjoy this moment and the journey.

Now we are getting into an interesting point, as a beginner how do we know if we do the practice correctly and if we have improved? Your teacher is not there to pet you on your back, no one is. This is a culture that we are used to in the modern world. This practice is individual, only you know if you do well. Be kind to yourself and pet yourself on the back when you do well, and don’t get disappointed when you do less well another day. There is always tomorrow, the mat is always there waiting for you!


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