EN authentic Japanese restaurant

Location: Dusartstraat 53, de Pijp

To find a sushi place in Amsterdam is quite easy, quite hip these days to eat sushi. However to find an authentic Japanese restaurant is completely a different case. The first thing you want to check whether the place is authentic, just try to find out if the staff is Japanese. As far as I know before EN, hotel Okura’s Yamazato restaurant with 1 Michelin is the most authentic. Of course this comes with the price.

EN was founded by two chefs from Okura couple of years back. I have had a couple of 3-5 courses dinner at Okura and could say the flavor is quite close. The main difference is you don’t have to dress up as fancy :-).

EN offers an a la carte menu with varieties of sushi, sashimi, and grill which is always available, besides that they also offer 3-7 courses menu updated every month and seasonally. If this would be your first time visiting EN, I would suggest to try it out. It’s served in a traditional Japanese style as if you would visit a Ryokan in Japan.

We took the 5 courses tonight.

EN Amsterdam authentic japanese traditional 5 courses
EN Amsterdam authentic japanese traditional 5 courses

1st course

Started with selection of appetizers; mackerel, beef, bamboo shoots, scallops. And the winner is bamboo shoots, usually not a big fan of bamboo shoots but this one is delicate and served with creamy sauce.

2nd course

Chicken mushroom soup with fish stock, serve on a tea pot. This would give you a comfort feeling, typical winter menu.

3rd course

Sashimi of tuna, mackerel, brill, and sweet shrimps. Very nicely done and my favorite is the brill ( a type of flat fish). Have to say though sashimi without salmon is like New Year without fireworks.

4th course

This is the main course! We could choose between grilled toro-tuna or wagyu beef, couldn’t decide we took both. And the winner is the toro-tuna! served on top of himalayan salt charcoal grill, something unique about the way it’s grilled and of course the tuna itself must be special already. Just divine.

5th course

I would call this deconstructed strawberry cheese cake, the least japanese of the whole menu but refreshing and well thought.

Next to the 5 courses we also took the sake arrangement, yeap we went all out. Might as well do it right. This consists of 3 sake next to some of the courses + a plum wine accompanying dessert. The sake guy is very passionate and funny, he obviously has his own personal favorite.


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