Saravana Bhavan – Indian restaurant

Location: Stadhouderskade 123

I texted a friend for an Indian restaurant tips, and this was the first recommendation. When I looked up the website, I had some doubts. And there is a lot of reason to doubt this place: poorly maintained website, extensive menu, and the location which is a building that has couple of times was a domain of unsuccessful business. Some said it’s cursed. However I always like a no nonsense place like this.

Apparently this business is flowing with customers, please book if you want to have a seat on Thursday night. It is a non atmospheric restaurant with friendly staff and open kitchen, what a weird combo right? As you can see in the picture all the food is served with metal plate which reminds you of prison :-).

We ordered a surprise starter which had this yummy battered cauliflower and Dosa filled with I’m not so sure what. The main course was 6 different curry served with rice and varieties of naan bread. I have to say my favourite is the garlic naan.

Oh yeah let’s not forget to mention, this is a vegetarian restaurant. And I am totally a meat lover as you can see from my choice of food in this blog, but that night I didn’t miss any meat. They definitely make me crave cauliflower now, what a strange thing to say.


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