Astanga Yoga pre teacher training – week 2

The routine

At the end of the first weekend we got homework, it is simple but complicated. We need to practice 4 times during the week. Monday is a rest day. So I decided to start practicing Mysore style, which means in the studio (shala) or at home to practice with my own breathing and counting. This is a good exercise for someone like me who hasn’t yet remember the asanas. The first time at Mysore class is quite daunting to be honest, I didn’t know what to expect and what is expected. Trying to be cool I went without bringing my cheat sheet, but saw someone using it and took my own :-). Getting distracted is part of the experience because everyone move on their own pace, just need to get used to it and stay center.

Be kind to yourself

I did 3 times practice during the week, 2 Mysore and 1 led classes. Then it comes the weekend again, sooo looking forward to it. We started the morning with open discussion how the week went, everyone shared their opinion. After that the teacher started speaking about how important it is to be kind to ourselves, knowing when to continue practice and when to modify the practice to our needs. Being kind doesn’t mean being lazy, this is about being honest to yourself on your own practice.


As previous week after lunch we deep dived into certain asanas, this time focused on finishing asanas which includes headstand. I still find it strange that finishing asanas are suppose to put the heart beat down, yet headstand which is one of the trickiest is there. Anyway, head stand is the highlight of my practice, for the reason I am quite terrified of it. I have to say it is a very technical pose, the trick is bandhas + resistance between palms and forehead + resistance of arms to the floor. And tell those muscles to work work work!

Is doing yoga selfish?

With 26 heads in the room some interesting questions came up. Yoga is focusing so much to one self, does it mean people who do yoga are so selfish because they dedicate time to themselves instead of using the time to serve others?


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