Astanga Yoga pre teacher training – week 1

A beautiful yoga studio in Prinseneiland, 26 students, and 4 teachers. It was very insightful, but also a lot to take in. We started the morning with introduction of teachers and students and a led practice. In the afternoon after an hour lunch break, we continued with in depth to the benefits of Astanga and deep dive into the first couple of asanas. The teachers told their story about how yoga has changed their life completely. At this very moment I started freaking out, I don’t blame them for telling the story it’s just my brain started to go far far away in the future and I freaked myself out. I was scared of the commitment.

Is it love at the first sight?

For most of the teachers yoga was love at the first sight, for me I feel the same reaction as love. It freaks me out. I know, it’s weird. Another thing is also the fact by nature I am goal oriented and this practice is like life itself, there will be ups and downs and there is no end to it. Let’s say it’s a journey, just enjoy it.

So that’s me the first day, my body was very active and I had trouble sleeping because I started freaking out. Thought yoga was supposed to make me feel zen :-). And another very true point, your state of mind is your own responsibility. And that’s why on the second day I worked on letting go this goal or fear and just enjoy the moment.

Breathing and the benefits

On the second day the session focused on breathing, which is a big part of Astanga. The teachers always say it is about internal alignment not so much the external. Internal alignment means activating the bandas – moolabanda and udyanabanda and from there breath through the diaphragm to the back of your spine and throat. This breathing together with the asanas create heat wave inside the body, massaging and detoxing the organs. Another benefit is this should also burn your visceral fat!

Why always the same asanas?

Astanga yoga is traditional and consists of always the same asanas, is it not boring? I have the same question and I think couple of people in the room had the same. The teacher answered, yes it is always the same because the focus should be internally and not external alignment. Also even though the asanas are always the same, your body is different everyday. I will add one more my own metaphor here, it is basically the same like life there will be challenges but our attitude towards it could be different and that’s where we have control over.

Stay tuned for the second week.


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