Move more Eat more

This is a simple way to explain my lifestyle, I love food and love trying new work outs. I probably spend 80% of my spare time on these 2 activities, or talking about it. Funny enough at work my colleagues have been measuring their BMI and muscle/fat composition, and the result of my muscle/fat percentage is an exact equal split. I thought wow this is a clear proof of the way I live.

I am a huge fan of OneFit card, most people living in Amsterdam would know this. It’s a card which allow us to work out in hundreds different places with varieties of workout and classes with just 60 euro a month. I use it for yoga, dance, pilates, and boxing. I was an early adapter and have had it for about 2 years. What I have realized recently is while I’m enjoying all these workouts, I also lack progress and commitment. Which I think the two are connected. So the last 6 months I have decided to commit to an amazing African dance class. Definitely feel more enjoyable and this feeling of progress is something I have missed I think.

So for the next step, in October 2016 I have also decided I will take a pre teacher training for yoga. I have done various types of yoga from yin, vinyasa, core strength but never go to the same class to remember the movements. The pre teacher training is 3.5 weekends of 50 hours in total on Astanga Yoga. This is actually a style I have never taken before and heard it’s quite challenging. It requires 3 months practice before you step in the class, so I started taking class and practice at home.



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