Pendergast – smokehouse

This modern neighborhood smokehouse is a hidden gem. Originated from Kansas City, now a neighborhood smokehouse of Westerpark. True to their roots, the waitresses serve by default in English no matter where they are or the guests are from. As part of the atmosphere they are also truly friendly, it felt as if I just stepped into someone’s living room.

Onto the most important part, the RIBS! Or as they call it Pork Loin Back Ribs. It’s not a big plate but you are served three stacks of delicious ribs, believe me it’s a lot. Bear in mind, these ribs have been smoked for hours. The result is super tender, fatty, off the bone, rich flavored smoky ribs. I can’t even explain it, just perfect! On the side you will also be able to choose a side dish. If you don’t have enough meat already on the pic is meaty BBQ beans, which could be a main by itself. Otherwise take the baby red chard salad, refreshing and a nice balance with the fatty ribs.

The drinks menu is also impressive, with whiskies and bourbons that perfectly reflect the smoky food being served.

Pendergast bar

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