New King – Mandarin cuisine

Location: Zeedijk (China town)

I dare to say this is probably the most famous Chinese restaurant in Amsterdam. So most of you probably know about this place, but I just have to write about it. I am a regular who takes about the same dishes every single time. Sure there are times I feel adventurous, but the whole point of coming to this restaurant for me is for these 2 dishes. Let me know if you have other recommendations. Oh and the Wonton soup is pretty delish too.

The Squid Salt and Pepper and Roasted Pork (babi panggang). New King for me has the best and most authentic babi panggang in the Netherlands. This Squid Black Pepper though has a big brother, which is Stuffed Squid Salt and Pepper. Amazing! But the last couple of months it has not been in stock. Hmm??

Practical info, this place is always packed during dinner time so alternatively you can come during lunch. They also don’t take reservation so waiting in line is unavoidable.

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