Enak sekali – Balinese catering

One of the best things about my new job is the lunch! I love the concept, they invite start- up restaurants/catering to come and cook for the employees. They are all international cuisine. To be honest I was never hoping for Indonesian food at the canteen for the reason I don’t expect them to be authentic. Today, I can say was served an authentic Indonesian food in Amsterdam.

“Enak sekali” means super delicious, and yes it was tasty! On the pic you see a dish which is called Nasi Campur, which I don’t think is originally from Bali. It’s basically mixed of veggies and meat with rice. So on this plate there is chicken, belado tempe, oseng buncis, perkedel jagung, and telor with sambel. This is explosion of delicious flavors together, and exactly what nasi campur is about. What an amazing waaaay above the expectation lunch.


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