Location: Rokin (Centrum)

It has 2 floors, basement and first floor. Depending on the mood you can go to the bar in the basement for small bites of asian street food or go upstairs for bigger bites in an atmospheric restaurant. The decor of Terpentijn is one you would like to pay attention. Compare to the mess of the street Rokin itself, once you get into Terpentijn you will feel soothed, something about the high ceiling and green surrounding.

I have been here couple of times and have noticed their menu changes at least every year. The restaurant menu used to be more of a fusion between asian and french, however the latest one is mixed European. This time I took Mushroom Ravioli with truffle fillings, it’s served in small and big portion. Take the big one, the small one is simply not enough for dinner. I’m usually not a huge fan of Ravioli but I took it because of truffle, and I like it! The truffle taste is quite subtle so it doesn’t overpower the other ingredients, the mushroom is mixed of different kinds and fresh. The Ravioli itself is somewhat al denté at the edges and good size, some makes giant Ravioli which is hard to digest.

One more to add and this is a big compliment for Amsterdam, the service is excellent!


Terpentijn truffle ravioli
Terpentijn truffle ravioli


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