Crab House – Nhà ghẹ Phú Quốc

This was our last night in Phu Quoc and really wanted to taste the crab before going back to Amsterdam. Crab is not something I could find easily in a restaurant around the Netherlands. We also stayed quite far away from where it is, but it was absolutely worth it. The style matches exactly with the owner’s background, a Phu Quoc born who lived in Louisiana. I have quite high expectation when it comes to crabs and the sauce, where I came from we make really delicious spicy sauce which I thought no one could compete with. Boy I was wrong! It has the kick of Louisiana spices and Vietnamese freshness. The seafood itself is all top notch and fresh, the sauce just adds more to the rich flavor it already has.

On the menu you will find different options of sauces and seafood mix, based on the owner’s advice we took mix of all sauces and mix seafood with everything. We had our doubts, but this was soo soooo good! The kind of flavor you won’t forget the next couple of years. On top of this, they serve american style bottomless home made ice tea. Awesome!

Yes it is quite pricy for Vietnam but it’s a unique flavor you can’t find anywhere else.

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