Location: Houtmankade (Oud West)

This type of bar/restaurant is one of the things which reminds me how lucky I am to live in Amsterdam. It’s a place where international dreams come true, creative minds come together and make it such an interesting place. The chef used to work in the area of marketing, lived around the world, and fell in love with the cuisines.

Located in Oud West Amsterdam just by the water even though this isn’t a restaurant district, it is well located not too far from Central station. The atmosphere is casual but chic, there is an L shape bar in the middle and I would recommend to sit on the bar if it’s your first date. It’s somehow casual but intimate, if you know what I mean ;-).

Their menu is fusion of East Asian and strong influence of Spanish, I will quote the waitress here: “This menu is in no way intended to be authentic or traditional cuisine”. The concept is tapas which means you can have couple of rounds of small bites. For two people I would say take 2-3 dishes every round and you might just make it to the 3rd round.

Here is what I picked today, from the top left Mañana Mañana ribs, Croquetas du jamon, de’Vlaflip Tortillas”, Johny Bravas. I really like the Croquetas which I was a tiny by skeptical since it didn’t sound like anything special but it really does have special ingredients and sauce that went with it. The dish that I think is revolutionary is the Vlaflip Tortillas, it’s basically deconstructed tortillas. I imagine this liquid version is hard to chew if you have eaten traditional spanish tortillas many times, so maybe close your eyes when you eat it and call it something else. Let your tongue decide.


The bar serves a variety of cocktails which I could say in the same level of creativity as the kitchen. You can’t say this to every restaurant/bar so well done to whoever put together the food and drinks menu, nice attention to details and overall experience. I picked Pikoteo’s espresso Martini for the night, it has got deep coffee and sweet vanilla flavor with somewhat sour after taste, still not sure where that comes from.



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