Taka Ramen

Location: Stormsteeg, on top of toko Dun Yong (Centrum)

It’s -3 celsius outside and -1 day to New Year’s Eve, and I was at the office with couple of colleagues. It all sounds very depressing until a brilliant idea came up, RAMEN! My office is nearby China Town in Amsterdam, and I have tried to get to this ramen place 2 times. They always run out of ingredients so quickly in the weekend. So after two big disappointments, this was the day, just before the end of 2016.

First to get to the restaurant you need to find the address of Toko Dun Yong, because Taka Ramen is officially on the top of this famous Chinese supermarket. You won’t see any sign from outside the store, get inside and go up 2 floors. You will be greeted by a polite young Japanese man named Taka. He is the chef and the waiter in one, it really is a one men show.

Let me take some time to talk about this amazing Tonkotsu ramen. The noodle, it’s a home made fresh ramen noodle which has a perfect texture. The broth is also the hero here, it has such a tasty rich and authentic flavor. These two key ingredients are accompanied by pork, kimchi, ginger, soft boiled egg marinated in soy sauce, spring onions, and seaweed. Long story short, this ramen is about the most authentic you can find in the whole Amsterdam. If you don’t agree, please let me know. Would love to try more of these!

For vegetarian friends, he also provides vegetarian ramen.

Tips: Before coming to Taka ramen you should call to make sure he has the ingredients and space https://www.facebook.com/ayanokouji.sasuke/


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