Chinese Hotpot

Location: Korte Leidsedwarsstraat (near Leidseplein)

Continuing the Taste of Culture post, I did go back there for their hotpot as promised. This says enough about how satisfied I was on the last visit. A restaurant which couldn’t make me stop thinking about their duck and offer something rare in Amsterdam, HOT POT! As my friend said, other people have Christmas dinner we have hot pot dinner this season. I have to say, not a bad idea for a change of menu on your Christmas dinner. It’s warm and cozy and on the plus side bring people together on the table.

What’s in it? As you can see you will get 2 kind of stocks, veggie and chicken. I prefer the chicken because it has richer flavor. The menu will offer you with 3 options, hmm I can only remember two though which is Rib eye and Lobster. Anyway Rib eye is the cheapest and Lobster is the most expensive, one thing to note all these menu has everything you see on the picture plus the one they call out on the menu. This includes: shrimp balls, fish balls, meat balls, whole shrimps, fried tofu, won ton, fish, chicken, enoki, noodle, eggs, and ribeye. It’s also served with 2 kinds of sauces.

Woaaaah I haven’t felt so full in such a long time!



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