Savoy Saccharum

Saccharum is a kind of genus which grows in a tropical country, sugarcanes is in this family. This is where the name of this hotel is from and rightfully so since it is located on top of a hill quite nearby a sugarcane factory. Its interior design also screams everything about it, from the industrial wall of the hallway to the tiny details of the guests room. When it comes to hotel and any service in fact I really do believe they key is in the details, and this hotel really gets it.

Savoy Saccharum is located up in Calheta which is quite up north the island so it is best to hire a car, this is after all a resort. It is located quite nearby the start of the 25 Springs Levada. It provides spa service on the cost of 20 euro, which is ok because you can have multiple entry, unlimited walk in for the whole day! We had couple of unpredictable weather in that trip and this was a perfect solution because when the sun comes up we get to go out and enjoy it. Look at that sunset on the pool!

The hotel provides an all you can eat buffet for dinner (Engenho) with different themes everyday or an ala carte (Alambique). An All you can eat buffet dinner will set you back to 25 euro excluding drinks and 14 euro for lunch.

Overall, I was really happy with this hotel. It even worth going to Calheta just for this hotel.


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