Poke Perfect

Location: Prinsengracht 502

So this is about the first Hawaiian food in Amsterdam. I got so excited that I came on the second day it opened. Actually I like doing this because usually the waiter/waitresses are still exploring the ingredients, learning the names, there is just this passion around it. Somehow awkward of course, but apologetic.

Just to be sure, this is not the kind of place you stay for hours and have a cosy romantic night. It’s a simple take away or quick sit, however friendly and casual. The set up is a little bit like a salad bar where you can choose different things and create your own meal. There are though a ready made menu so you can use this as inspiration and twist it.

Wanted to know what is the best combination, I went for the Sweet Heat. Salmon, cucumber, red onion, jalapeños and green asparagus topped off with sesame seeds, chili flakes and a refreshing Sweet Citrus sauce. Great choice! It is refreshing and hot with comforting fatty raw salmon. Perfect for a hot summer night. One more addition, they have yummy homemade lemonade.

I would say they ‘Poke’ me on the right place.


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